Compliance is not enough.
Look at the latest security headlines and ask yourself, Wasn't that company PCI certified? Wasn't that government agency FIPS/NIST compliant? Probably. Compliance is important, but you must dig deeper to stay out of the headlines.

Is your internal network and your perimeter secure? We can help you reduce risk with an External and Internal Network Penetration Test. Both tests are real-time, real-world assessments that are performed manually by an experienced consultant. Automated tools represent less than 10% of our methodology.

External Network Penetration Test (ENPT)
Assesses your network perimeter and exposure to the Internet
Tests your Internet exposure points

Prevent attackers from Infiltrating Systems
Avoid Costly Data Breaches and Loss of Business Operability
Peace of mind, knowing your company complies with Industry Standards and Regulations

Our Internal Network Penetration Test (INPT)
Assesses your internal (Intranet) exposures, such as malicious employees, contractors or an external threat that has gained internal access Tests critical internal IT assets

Provide your organization with a view of your current network security posture
Decrease business risk by enhancing the security of your network
Measure your network against current best practices and standards
Ensure that your network is sufficiently hardened to survive a concerted attack
Ensure employees adhere to your security and acceptable use policies


Understand Susceptibility to Phishing & Raise Awareness
While there are many technical security solutions designed to stop phishing attacks, there is no practical way to prevent an employee from clicking links, unintntionally installing malware, filling out forms, or accidently offering information that could put your organization at risk. The best defense against these attacks is a simulated phishing attack, using the same tools and techniques a real attacker would use. We follow up with Awareness training, which educates employees and ensures they understand the value of the information they possess.

Confidential data and company trade secrets should remain private
Due to the nature of advanced phishing techniques, the probability of a wide spread data breach at the hands of increasingly sophisticated phishing campaigns is extremely high. NotTheFed helps organizations develop a continuous testing, assessment, and awareness training process to successfully combat susceptibility to phishing attacks.